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We appreciate every volunteer, their time,

the effort they are contributing to us and hope they spread our love for winter, film,

and festivals.

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Dates & Location

February 9 to 18, 2024

The International Festival of Winter Cinema is excited to announce that we will be joining Silver Skate Festival for the 7th year in a row in a new location - Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park - where we will continue our unique environment, and stay free to attend. 

Get to be a part of something big!

The International Festival of Winter Cinema was started with the goal of bringing the winter film festival experience to the winter.

If you are a person that loves the winter, then you will enjoy this volunteer opportunity.

IFWC is growing, and so does our need for volunteers. IFWC volunteers are considered Silver Skate Volunteers with similar perks.


One of our most unique tasks is that volunteers can help build IFWC's
iconic snow screen! 

As a volunteer, you can work with our site manager assembling lights, sound and projector equipment; or taking pictures for our social media platforms with our marketing coordinator.

Other tasks include site preparation, fire tender, tracking donations, conducting surveys, and general site crew support. 

A unique opportunity to gain
experience & develop skills

Volunteers will have the chance to watch our wonderful selection of local and international winter films, having access to a heated tent, fresh hot drinks, and a great atmosphere.


Multiple volunteers have returned to us in various positions, and our board members are more than willing to teach volunteers important skills for the film industry!


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