Pre-Festival Events!

Northern Sights – A 360º Virtual Reality Project

February 8 - 9, 4:00 to 6:00 PM - Winter Cinema tent

Northern Sights is a virtual reality project aimed at helping Northern Artists broaden the reach of their art forms, in the face of geographical isolation from audiences, this project aims to use new technology to bring their work to audiences around the world. Sit back, relax, and be transported to Canada’s far north through virtual reality technology. Understand how people live, love, work, and play in these remote environments.


Joshua Tree And All of Everything

by Gary James Joynes and Brad Necyk

February 7 - 8, 6:00 to 10:00 PM - Snow Theatre

And All of Everything (Joshua Tree) is about the sense of time, the movement of time, and the growing sense of being out of time. It is also about a rhythm between waking consciousness and dreaming, the latter where surreal and mystical experiences occur. Further, it is building off of evolving themes of the Anthropocene by directly witnessing landscapes that may not exist in the future, an archive. It examines a contribution art could have on shifting and attuning human understanding to something so massive and distributed across time as climate change, that stars no one, that is long in the making, and attritional. All of these ideas were in play when making this work.

Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker)

Gary James Joynes (aka Clinker) is an award-winning visual and sound artist and composer that has been active in the international live audio-visual and experimental music performance community for many years. He blends the beauty and physicality of sounds auditory and visual elements in Live Cinema AV performances and in rigorous and emotional photo and video installation works. His 2015 work Broken Sound was awarded the 2016 Eldon & Ann Foote Visual Arts prize for the best Edmonton solo art show of 2015. His previous solo show entitled Topographic Sound in showed his critically acclaimed work Ouroboros which had its large-scale premiere as a featured work in City Hall at the inaugural Nuit Blanche Edmonton Festival in September 2015. Recent Live Cinema performances include BANFF CENTRE (Banff), MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP (New York), ELEKTRA16 (Montreal), INDUSTRY BRUNCH (Detroit / Chicago), CMKY (Boulder, USA), New Forms 14 (Vancouver), MUTEK_IMG (Montreal), SoundsLike (Saskatoon), Koffler Centre (Toronto), Electric Fields (Ottawa), Roulette Mixology Festival (New York), Soundasaurus (Calgary), and MUTEK_10 (Montreal).

Brad Necyk

Brad Necyk is a multimedia artist and writer in Canada whose practice engages with issues of medicine, mental health, and precarious populations and subjects. His works include drawings and paintings, photography, video, 3D imaging, virtual reality, and performance. He recently completed a research-creation PhD in Psychiatry at the University of Alberta and was awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal.